Looking to get music mixed?
Beautiful mixing bares and frames the ideas in your music, whether gently sculpting it or completely repainting its sonics and tonal spectrum.
Uncover musical ideas
The big part of mixing is finding and maximizing the musical ideas and concepts in the track — getting a strong kick if a song wants power, bringing key strokes forward when a piece thrives on detail, or finding the right space to bring vocals closer to their words.
Nuanced vs Hard-hitting
My mixing style tries to balance physical impact with detail in textures and transients, naked dry spaces with big and lush rooms, clear flowy lines with distorted blobs. If you feel that plurality and variety could benefit your work, we could be a good match.
A new musical layer
Sculpting a record's sound involves chasing fantastic sounds, no doubt. But creative mixing can add a musical layer to production. That means knowing when to shape a great sound, and when to step back and let an instrument do its thing.
My music making practice is what informs my mixing style the most. I tend to look for arrangement and composition problems before diving in. I usually prefer to make decisions that benefit the musical ideas, rather than the sonic signature of the mix.
Unmixed Tracks
Tracks by João Borsch, DroPe and Janrik.
Finished Mix
Tracks by João Borsch, DroPe and Janrik.
How to Book
Base Pricing for Singles

€120 - €170

total per track/song

  • Pricing without tax
  • Mastering included in price
Base Album and EP Pricing

€100 - €150

total per track for Albums/EPs

  • Pricing without tax
  • Mastering included in price
How to estimate your price (per track/song):
  • Base Price per Track listed above
  • If there are acoustic drums: +20€
  • If track length > 6min: +10€
  • Editing (optional if up to standard): +15€
  • Optional Stems Export: 5€

Take into consideration that the cost of mixing work is dependent on the musical material. Generally, mixes cost a little more if they involve lots of instruments/sounds, a large amount of acoustically recorded instruments or longer track lengths.

If you are a music student or upcoming artist whose current financial situation or livelihood does not allow for the cost of full record mix — and for whom music is not considerable source of income — you can apply to be granted a significant discount and take some weight off of your creative practice. I am currently granting special pricing to one solo/duo artist each month — to apply you just have to copy and fill out this form, and email it to sounds@pedrojoaquimborges.com.

If you have any questions, refer to the the Q&A links below. If you'd like to chat, email/message me, I'm always happy to listen to your music, offer feedback or strike a new musical acquaintance.

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