Primeira Volta de Saturno
João Mesquita

A first record doesn’t have to be a first step. João Mesquita’s debut feels like a loving embrace of one’s younger selves. The ep encases his musical ideas as a variety of colors and spaces, moving ravenously through musical experiences. João Borsch’s production keeps the tracks on a thin-line between bending genres and magnifying textures. As a result, there’s plenty of arrangement decisions that become full blown sonic concepts. There’s also so much work on the arrangements, from the choruses to flutes, brass, strings and more.⁣⁣ Not to mention a RICH musician lineup!⁣
It was a set of challenging mixes. The ambitious production, arrangements and amount of sounds meant that there were a lot of textures to keep in check. To add to that, the recording stands proudly in the “bedroom record” world, so the best approach was often trying to make the most out of the quirkier sounds and timbres.⁣⁣

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Released July 2022
Primeira Volta de Saturno