I think the beauty of an
extraordinary record
is found inside the sounds, not polished onto them. My work attemps to look within the tracks, finding tension between impact and detail, technicality and expression.

The idea is to make tracks sound the best they can — but the essence is finding sounds that express your ideas the most.


Texture and Character Oriented

Making things sound good is the foundation of production, mixing and mastering. But in mixing and musicmaking alike, making records goes beyond chasing pretty sounds. I see mixing as yet another layer of life in a piece of music – whether than means carrying a personality of its own, or being the most transparent it can.

Upon booking a mix, we collaboratively decide how to approach its role in the music. It might be a chance to paint the sonics around a track's ideas, or simply follow the production, rebalancing and making the sounds pop.
For the age of the independent record

Music tech and education are at their most democratic ever. Thus, recording independently or in a large studio can be more like picking a flavor, rather than defining the record’s quality.

If you’re at a point where a studio’s A room is in reach, I’ll gladly make most out of the recordings' detail. On the other hand, if you're tracking the music by your own means, I’ll sculpt the mix expressively according to the sound's character.
Into the Music
I am very passionate about co-production, perhaps weirdly so. Sometimes, just dipping back into conversation about the creative process, rethinking an instrument or redesigning a patch can be the most impactful way of reaffirming the track's character.
If you book a Production session, that involves fully composing/programming instrument or vocal parts, shaping sounds and timbres and collaborating on composition concepts. Co-Production, however, entails guidance and feedback on production, recording and creative direction – a lighter version of bringing in a producer.


João Borsch - Nunca Consigo Recusar
Mixing, Mastering - 2023
Godo Yorke feat. Petunija - Mažiau Kalbėkim
Mixing, Mastering - 2023
João Borsch - É Só Harakiri, Baby
LP Mixing, Mastering - 2023
Gonçalo Cerá - Fadas
Co-writing, Production, Mixing - 2023
João Borsch - Pólvora!
Mixing, Mastering - 2022
Godo Yorke - Pabekim
Mixing, Mastering, Production - 2023
João Mesquita - Sorte de Quem a Fez
Mixing, Mastering - 2022
Gonçalo Cerá - A Ilha
Co-writing, Production, Mix - 2023
DroPe - Horas Extra
Mixing, Add. Prod., Mastering - 2022
João Borsch - Deixa-me Em Paz (Chagas)
Mixing, Mastering - 2023
João Mesquita - Primeira Volta de Saturno
EP Mixing, Mastering - 2022
Godo Yorke - Nepaleidi
Mixing, Mastering - 2023
Janrik - Age of Adolescence
LP Stem Mixing, Mastering, Add.Prod. - 2021
DroPe - Mero Acaso
Mixing, Mastering, Add.Prod. - 2021
Uma Noite Romântica com João Borsch
LP Mixing, Mastering - 2021
Emancipação de João Borsch
Mixing, Mastering - 2021
Godo Yorke - Isis, the Goddess (Live)
Mixing, Mastering - 2021
71460 - When I'm Alone with You
Production, Mixing - 2021
Janrik - Flatland
Mixing, Mastering - 2021
DroPe - Um para Um
LP Mixing, Add.Prod., Mastering - 2022
Boca Cheia
Guitar, Co-Production - 2020
Zé Menos - O Chão do Parque
Production Assistance - 2021
Three Poems for an Early Spring
Composition - 2018
Dream for Four Female Voices
Composition - 2017
Melífluo - Meu Home, The Shower
Mixing - 2017
Forbidden to Fly - Resilience
Guitar, Co-Production - 2016
Mó (Funchal)
Founder, Visual Brand, Copywriting - 2020