Boca Cheia
João Borsch

Boca Cheia is the riff and drums driven second single off of Uma Noite Romântica com João Borsch.

The track’s vibe was somewhat inspired by the timbre and sheer feel of the drums in this specific Ringo Starr interview. João sent it to me back on the early stages of the record and had it looped on the DAW, not being sure what to do with it. It had this fantastic feel, drum mix and was just really banging in general. As a sidenote, I actually think he put this track together being told-off as not being much of a riff-type composer.

I re-recorded the main guitar riff and rearranged some of it to get a more percussive and funky character, and played around with the drum parts and vocal lines to aid him in finding the song’s verse. I also later ended up also doing distorted guitar on the closing track “Bem”.

For more info on the mixing process, check my write-up on the whole record.

  • Co-production, Guitar, Mixing and Mastering
  • Released in 2020
  • Independent Release (now signed to Warner Music Portugal)
Boca Cheia