Emancipação de João Borsch
João Borsch

Emancipação de João Borsch is a single from the artist’s Uma Noite Romântica com João Borsch. Throwing together braguinha parts, brazillian percussion, big synths and round pounding drums, the track is as bold as it is affirming.

This record had three clear mixing challenges. First, achieving a striking, impactful aesthetic without losing any of the overwhelming production/composition detail. Secondly, shaping a sound that fits alongside industry-standard pop records with remote recordings from dozens of different uncontrolled rooms and environments. And lastly, getting comfortable getting out of the “Mixing chair” every now and then to revisit production details and re-record parts. These hurdles resulted in a process whose main trait was the ability to embrace a recording environment’s sonic character and signature – even if said recording space is actually a group of totally distinct untreatead rooms and locations.

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Released January 2021
  • Independent Release (currently signed to Warner Music Portugal)
Emancipação de João Borsch