Looking to get music mastered?
Mastering is the final adjustment on a track or album's sound and its technical preparation for release. It finalizes the sonic balance and dynamic flow in broad strokes.
A final pair of ears is crucial
A lot of mixing engineers prefer having their work mastered by another person, even when they can do that job themselves. That's because the clarity and perspective that a mastering engineer has upon freshly listening to a mix can be a gamechanger in taking it to its full potential.
Subtle but Crucial
Mastering might seem like too subtle of a process, since it's not as obvious of a task as mixing. Truth is, great sounding mixes can often be completely unprepared for playing in real-world circumstances. Mastering's gentle changes can be the difference between a song getting lost in the middle of a playlist or allowing its sound to sparkle.
How to Book
Approximate Pricing


total per track/song

Extras cost (per track/song):
  • Stem Mastering: +10€
Standard deliverables:
  • Stereo 16bit/24bit Masters
  • Seamless album cut + Singles Export

If you're wondering what Stem Mastering is, it basically entails sending the master engineer the mix in multiple tracks (stems) instead of a stereo file. I think Stem mastering can be a great option if you want to allow the mastering engineer some creative freedom. That can be an especially good decision if you mix your own material.

If you have any questions, refer to the the Q&A links below. If you'd like to chat, email/message me, I'm always happy to listen to your music, offer feedback or strike a new musical friendship.


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