Mero Acaso

Mero Acaso is the first single off of DroPe’s upcoming album. I got the vision for the mix direction from the beatmaker’s rough mix. The 808s were clipping the master bus and creating this overloaded sound that reminded me (in the best way) of soundcloud rap beats that defy mixing standards. I shaped the mix while thinking of distorted and wide-blowing bass, ripping sharp kicks with plenty of transients and present, upclose vocals. Everything else easily fell in place around that.

While collaborating with DroPe on the mix, we both agreed to dip back into production to spice up a few elements. Therefore, I ended up doing additional production on the track, writing fills, doing a lot of the backing vocal work, sound design and the distorted vocals towards the end.

  • Mixing, Mastering, Additional Production
  • Released December 2021
  • Independent Release
  • Production by DXR
  • Video by Igor Pjörrt
Mero Acaso