Sorte de Quem a Fez
João Mesquita

Sorte de Quem a Fez is the first single from João Mesquita’s upcoming debut EP. The track builds on a crossing of portuguese songwriting and MPB (brazillian popular music) and brings it into the space of a samba group. The record features production from João Borsch.

The instrumentation mashes together very textured acoustic instrument groups and solid rock/pop elements. Mesquita was looking for a mix that could translate the feeling of being within a “roda de samba” – not as a distant listener, mind you, but to actually be in it, up close with every hit of percussion. That meant that mixing was very much about carving space out of the drums, bass and guitars to fit all that percussive action into, and to bring the whole thing into a cohesive space and timbre – without completely removing impact, that is. The EP recording style stands firmly on the “bedroom record” spectrum and often takes full advantage of that through quirky recordings and timbres.

  • Mixing, Mastering
  • Released 2022
  • Independent Release
  • Production by João Borsch and João Mesquita
Sorte de Quem a Fez