When I'm Alone with You

71460, Tiago Marques, is a Portuguese songwriter and music producer. His latest full-length release, ‘ZOZI’ is a testament to his M.O. – relentless, ever pouring creativity. His discography feels like an intimate portrait, a diary, or vlog that shortens the distance between feeling and song to an absolute minimum. I produced the album’s first track – ‘When I’m Alone with You’ – with an aim of complimenting Tiago’s production with a dramatically different aesthetic. Therefore, to strike a balance with his doubled group/chorus vocals, the instrumental brings rough, distorted tones and heavier drums that try to paint an alternative view of the song’s text.

Having produced the track, the mixing was very reduced and somewhat out of my control, so it turned out slightly different from my usual mix work.

  • Production, Instrument Recording and Mixing
  • Released 2021
  • Independent Release